Meet Our Doctors

Efren Cortes, D.D.S, P.C.

Efren Cortes, D.D.S, P.C.

A skilled and highly trained dentist, Dr. Efren Cortes is committed to creating healthy and radiant smiles for each one of his patients. Specializing in a great assortment of dental procedures, ranging from general and preventive dental procedures to complex treatments in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Cortes has the expertise and knowledge to make your dream of a dazzling smile a reality. Whether you are in need of a full mouth restoration or a subtle change, the doctor is able to meet all of your needs with skill and sensitivity.

Graduating in 1996 from NYU’s College of Dentistry, Dr. Cortes has been practicing for over 25 years. He started his career with a Dental Practice in Manhattan and then decided to move to Connecticut to start a family. He and his wife, Melissa, have been blessed with two daughters, Anastasia and Paloma, and the family has become a strong presence in Fairfield County. A member of several prestigious professional organizations, Dr. Cortes and Distinctive Dental Service have received numerous awards for their contributions to their district. In fact, the offices at Distinctive Dental Service have been selected by The Consumer Research Council of America as one of the “Top Ten Dental Offices” in the Westport community.

Dr. Cortes believes that in order to prosper, we must always consider the well-being of our neighbors. This is why you will always find the doctor participating in free lectures, giving free cleanings to children, or participating in various other charitable works. Choosing to give a number of free, interactive, and fun lectures at various Westport businesses, such as banks, realty offices, and pre-schools, the doctor loves helping others and educating people, especially “little ones,” on proper oral hygiene.

In addition to providing educational information on oral health, Distinctive Dental Service also sponsored a Little League team in Westport, because Dr. Cortes knows that children that are involved in youth activities are more likely to become successful later in life and stay off the streets. The doctor and his office also participate annually in the National “Give Kids A Smile Day!” Taking place in February of every year, less-privileged children are given complimentary services by the staff at Distinctive Dental Service.

The key to knowledge and success is to never stop learning. This is why the doctor is constantly learning, enrolling himself and his entire staff in continual education courses, keeping their skills honed and prepared for the latest trends in dentistry. A love of the dental profession and the ability to help others is what keeps Dr. Cortes so driven. Distinctive Dental Service strives to improve our ability to provide the highest standards of quality and care to our patients. Come see the distinctive difference today! Call for an appointment today!

Efren Cortes, D.D.S, P.C.

Dr Alison Loewenstein, Prosthodontist

Dr. Ali chose dentistry because it lets her be creative and utilize her background in fine arts to create a long term, meaningful and beautiful result for someone. Before becoming a dentist, she earned a fine arts degree; She has found her training in the arts has been instrumental in my practice of dentistry. Nothing is more related to art and creating than the detailed work on a tooth or recognizing the subtle nuances in shape and color that make a smile look natural.

Her favorite aspect of dentistry is learning from her patients! Just as she provides dental education and care, every patient comes with valuable experiences to teach as well.

Her main focus is to offer patients personalized and comprehensive quality care. As a prosthodontist, she has advanced specialty training to create optimal oral health, both in form and function, including dental implants, veneers, crown and bridgework, and dentures. She enjoys getting to know her patients and working to tailor a dental treatment that addresses their specific concerns, lifestyle, and well-being.

Her dog Bixby is her sidekick, and whether he likes it or not he has the cleanest teeth on the block!

When she is not in the office, she’ll likely be hanging out with Bixby, doing yoga or going for a run, or enjoying cooking or dinner out with friends.