Overview of Preventive Dentistry Westport, CT

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure, and this is especially true for preventive dentistry. Maintaining good habits starting with brushing your teeth, flossing your teeth, and eating a well-balanced diet with vitamins and minerals (and staying away from sugary or acidic foods and drinks) can prevent unnecessary emergency visits to your Westport Dentist. Here are two habits that you should start right away:


Teeth brushing: Brushing your teeth rids your mouth of the daily residue and plaque that accumulate from the food and drink you consume, especially starches and sugars that can build up bacteria over time. Brushing your teeth gently also helps massage your gums and gives your teeth a firm foundation to chew and bite. Visit our Dental Videos section to learn how to correctly brush your teeth.

Teeth flossing: Flossing helps rid your teeth of particles of food wedged between the teeth which can accumulate bacteria or infection in the gums. They also help scrape off residue or plaque from the teeth themselves to complement your teeth brushing. Wondering how to floss correctly? Visit our Dental Videos section to learn how to correctly floss your teeth.

Why Preventive Dentistry is Important

Preventive dentistry at our Westport CT dental office is important because it protects against further tooth-saving procedures. Time-intensive procedures like root canals treatment, dental implants, or dentures can be necessary to save your tooth and help you eat, chew, and smile, however, they can be avoided with some prevention. Here at Distinctive Dental Service we focus on preventing tooth decay and offer these procedures at our Preventive Dentistry office in Westport CT:

Dental Sealants: To prevent a cracked or damaged tooth from decaying or cracking further and causing a need for major surgery like a root canal or dental implant, your preventive dentist in Westport, CT can apply dental sealants. Dental sealants are thin layers of resin to seal up any cracks or fissures to prevent it from further decay and reinforce the natural strength of the tooth so you can chew and bite without risking further damage. They are one of the most effective treatments for preventing tooth decay and reducing your probability of developing cavities.

Dental Checkups/ Cleanings: Scheduling a checkup with your Preventive Dentist in Westport CT can significantly increase your chances of good oral health. At our office, the dentist and hygienist will examine your mouth and look for any sores, signs of gum disease, cavities, or problem areas. They will then brush and floss your teeth properly and scrape away any hardened plaque which had been missed with day-to-day brushing. If problem areas are detected they may also recommend x-rays or further screenings.

Fluoride and Decay Prevention: Fluoride absorbed by the body can increase the strength of the enamel and prevent tooth decay. Treatment with your Preventive Dentist in Westport CT can increase the hardness of your teeth with fluoride while you supplement with fluoride toothpaste, mouthwash, or fluoridated water.

How we are different for Preventive Dentistry at Distinctive Dental Service

At our preventive dental care office in Westport CT, we are different because we focus on protecting your teeth first before it decays into a more severe situation requiring surgery or an invasive dental procedure. This is the reason we recommend preventive care first and teach all of our patients the importance of maintaining a healthy brushing, flossing, and diet regimen to enjoy their teeth for a long time.

Start your Preventive Dentistry journey today by calling our office in Westport CT!